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Back To A New Feature Will Launch: “4-Charts Mode” for a Better View of Trading Markets

2021-11-26 03:47:41 UTCRead:7020 has been vying to offer a more specialized trading service experience to users. Recently, officially launched the "4-Charts K-Lines Mode" feature, enabling users to add 4-charts with K-lines for the currencies of interest with ease. In this way, users can better get a handle on their trading volume and ups and downs, thus obtaining a more intuitive and clear understanding of the market movements.

Click here to enter

“4-Charts K-Lines Mode” Feature Introduction:

First, click the “Markets” option in the tables section to enter the following page; then, click the icon“①” and “4-charts” option “②” to enter the “4-Charts K-Lines Mode” :

After you click the “4-charts” option, you will enter the following page. Click any window first and then the currency of interest on the left column to add its K-line market to the window. Do this accordingly to add the other three currencies’ K-line markets.

The complete “4-Charts K-Line Mode” is shown below: you can click any chart first and then the target currency on the right column to make a change at will.

*The real-time K-line markets refresh frequency will be reduced in the “4-Charts K-Lines Mode”.

Advantages of the “4-Charts K-Lines Mode” Feature:

(1) The system is so smart that it will automatically save the set "4-Charts K-Lines Mode", without having to make the same selection again.
(2) It will help you trade more easily because you can better grasp the dynamic trends of multiple currencies at the same time and learn more about the real-time market
(3) You’re welcome to enjoy this simple and convenient feature. always strives to offer better services to its users in a sincere way. The platform is running in a fair and transparent way without currency listing charges, fraud, and click volume problems. Thanks to every user for your great support. More innovative products from are on the way! | Your Gateway to the Blockchain Universe

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November 26

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