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11 June’s Daily Market Trends _June 11th_: Cryptocurrency Price Restructuring, France & Switzerland Conduct Digital Currency Trials

Author: Researchers: Gazer. C & Charles. F

As of 12:00 GMT, Bitcoin’s price was $36,815.81 and Ether’s price was $2,467.71. Yesterday at 18:00 Bitcoin’s price hit $38,000 unsuccessfully and then Bitcoin’s price was stopped and went back down. In the one-hour time frame, Bitcoin’s price formed a stable support point at $358,000. Bitcoin is not trading as actively today as it did yesterday. The market is temporarily dominated by multiple forces, but the short side is not trading in volume. In the near term, bitcoin prices are likely to oscillate between $36,000 and $38,000, with multiple forces continuing to test the $38,000 resistance point. Short-term investors can combine derivatives to hedge their trades in this range.

According to data, a total of 55,139 traders have suffered liquidation in the past 24 hours, with a total amount of over $403 million.

Chinese police announced on Thursday that they have arrested more than 1,100 suspects accused of using digital assets to launder funds. The Ministry of Public Security said in a statement on Wechat's official account that more than 15,000 groups with over 311,000 people were arrested.

In an announcement Thursday, the Bank of France and the Swiss National Bank are starting a joint cross-border central bank digital currency (CBDC) experiment, which focuses on the bank-to-bank wholesale lending market.

State-chartered banks in Texas are now allowed to offer crypto assets service to their customers, announced by a state regulator. According to the notice, the types of custody services that can be offered by state-chartered banks depend on each bank’s expertise, risk appetite and business model.

Author: Researchers: Gazer. C & Charles. F
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